Thursday, March 24, 2005

Concerning blogging

I have to admit that I'm not too fond of blogs in general, simply because not all of them contain writing of the kind I enjoy. This is due simply to statistics (or the rules of averages); most blogs fall in the median of writing, with a percentage going above and a percentage going below. (Not that I have read enough blogs to be able to give an informed opinion on the subject.)

One of the strengths of the blog, the lack of editorial input, is also one of it's weak points. Noone controls what a person can put in his/her blog (apart from what's stated in the TOS of the provider), so there is no quality control of any kind, which requires a bit more effort from the reader in finding material he/she finds worthy of reading.

Another thing that the lack of editorial input adds is the heavy presence of sloppy language. (I will say right away that I don't like spelling errors, especially when I am the source of them.) Spelling errors, improper capitalization, and a high presence of slang and technical/area-specific jargon, all contributing to making the text more inaccessible for the uninitiated reader. The subject of how internet is changing language (for better and for worse) is something that one could write essays about.

The name comes from my so-called column at the Antell Software homepage, I noticed when creating this blog that the aworkinprogress-prefix was unavailable, so I can only assume that is in use by someone, and I apologise to the writer/maintainer of pre-emptively for any confusion. Let's hope we can all co-exist peacefully.

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