Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Idea Factory

(Forgive this strange post as I'm sllightly sick and a bit dizzy/doped up on headache-pills.)

Shortly put, it's your brain. That's where the magic happens, whether it be that million-dollar idea or the solution to that rubik's cube you've had sitting around forever. But doesn't it still seem as if everybody are chasing after new and exciting ideas as if they'd be a scarcity?

I see ideas much as people. They come in many different forms and they may be similar or quite opposite. But most of all, I think that ideas come about a similar way that humans do: two of them meet, chemistry occurs and after a while a new one is delivered to the world. Quite like music, it seems as if everything is a derivative of something gone before. Though that's not really a bad thing, as humans evolve, so does the ways we communicate and the ideas that fill our minds.

And ideas also have the capability to transform and change other ideas, much like an encounter between two different humans may change them both, like when you fall in love or make an unexpected friendship.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the meeting of ideas is brainstorming. Of course ideas can clash in circumstances where everybody's too headstrong, but when the minds are open and the flow of ideas remains unhindered, that is when you can make great positive changes.

To end this entry I present to you an excerpt from an article at The Writing Life:
In class yesterday a student volunteered to let the class brainstorm his story concept, and the next half hour included some of the most spirited and fun dialogue I've had in class in weeks. I think the students saw the benefit of the exercise. There's a natural tendency to "protect" and "defend" one's idea and play it close to the vest. This student was great, responding "fantastic!" and "perfect!" as other students shot ideas at him. This is what its about, putting away the ego and embracing things that are best for the story.


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