Monday, April 25, 2005

A "load of dingo's kidneys"

Usually I'm not the kind of guy to discuss religion, but I guess going through bleedingisaac can do things to a person (in a not-bad way).

So, if war is hell on earth, and thruth is the first victim of war, then one might say that in hell there is no truth. So to fight of hell one might say that we should seek out the truth and fight off lies.
It is certain that a few isolated Christian writers explicitly argued against the spherical Earth. Lactantius (245–325) calls it "folly" because people on a sphere would fall down; Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (315–386) saw Earth as a firmament floating on water; Saint John Chrysostom (344–408) saw a spherical Earth as contradictory to scripture; Severian, Bishop of Gabala (d. 408) and Diodorus of Tarsus (d. 394) argued for a flat Earth; and Cosmas Indicopleustes (547) called Earth "a parallelogram, flat, and surrounded by four seas" in his Christian Topography, where the Covenant Ark was meant to represent the whole universe.
Wikipedia - Flat earth
The geocentric model was generally accepted at the time for several reasons. By the time of the controversy, the Catholic Church had largely abandoned the Ptolemaic model for the Tychonian model in which the Earth was at the center of the Universe, the Sun revolved around the Earth and the other planets revolved around the Sun.
Wikipedia - Galileo Galilei
As such it would seem that many great men have been persecuted for their ideas by people who did not approve of them. But not only great men, but ordinary people too...
For several centuries, dominantly Christian societies believed that Satan was acting through human and animal servants. These beliefs can be seen as a reaction to emerging alternatives to the Christian hierarchical order, such as the worldly knowledge and cultural practices brought into a relatively backward Europe from the Middle East by those returning from the Crusades. Over the centuries, there were extensive efforts to root out the supposed influence of Satan by various measures aimed at the people that were accused of being servants of Satan. People suspected of being "possessed" by Satan were put on trial.
Wikipedia - Witch-hunt
The Spanish Inquisition was the Inquisition acting in Spain under the control of the Kings of Spain. This Inquisition was the result of the reconquest of Spain from the Muslims and the policy of converting Spanish Jews and Muslims to Christianity. The Inquisition was an important tool in enforcing the limpieza de sangre ("cleanliness of blood") against descendants of converted Jews or Muslims. It was also used as a tool to punish and eliminate homosexuals.
Wikipedia - Spanish inquisition

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't enjoy treatment like that just because I'm not a believer. Maybe it was considered to be the truth then, but what about now? Does anyone honestly believe that witches exist and that we can throw people in the lake to see who floats and who sinks? Wasn't it then a lie all along? And today? Is AIDS a punishment on homosexuals from god? Maybe that's also a lie...

So what we know (or think we know) is that religion has spread many lies throughout time. Many atrocities has been committed in the name of belief, and continue to happen even today, as shown by the situation in the middle-east and the sarin attack by the Aum Shinrikyo cult on a Tokyo subway in 1995.

In other religions, such as Hinduism, reincarnation is a central part and the goal is to escape the cycle of death and rebirth. What could be worse than to be reincarnated into a world full of lies and warring? Would that not be a hell in itself? Perhaps it's the release from that hell, the release from the death-rebirth cycle, that so many religions speak of. A release from a world of hostility partly caused by the religions themselves..?

Who knows, this is all just a "load of dingo's kidneys" as someone smarter than me would have said.


Anonymous said...

"Does anyone honestly believe that witches exist and that we can throw people in the lake to see who floats and who sinks? Wasn't it then a lie all along? And today? Is AIDS a punishment on homosexuals from god? Maybe that's also a lie..."

Take my word for it - millions of people today honestly believe in witches. There's thousands of people today(in out time) practicing witchcraft too. However, are these people posessed by evil spirits... now that's a whole new argument :-)

And, regarding homosexuals and AIDS. AIDS is very common among homosexuals, and the first cases of AIDS discovered in humans, were found in homosexaul persons. Todays media is very keen on whiping these facts under the carpet, as the homosexual community is growing.

Is AIDS a punishment from God? Not likely. Is it a reaction from an unnatural sexual activity... now that's a whole new argument... ;-)

Jacke said...

There may be people who practice witchcraft, but does it have any proven scientific effect? If I just say that I'm a Jedi knight while trying to use the force, does that make me a "real" Jedi? (Disregarding the fact that they're fictional.)

And while I acknowledge the possibility that AIDS might be nature's response to unnatural sexual behaviour, I don't think that is the case. I have not seen any reports that points towards it, and even though most developed countried today consume a big amount of meat the Mad Cow disease wasn't swept under the carpet. The information available points to that HIV was transmitted from a species of chimpanzee, similar to how the Bird Flu spread from poultry to humans.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm not sure how much of the HIV virus can really be blamed on homosexuals, especially if you look at the research and what has happened in Africa.

That said, I do believe there is good and evil. However alot of the problems with religion when it has not been so much the religion being "bad" but those who were following it not following it the right way. People in power have used religion to meet their own agendas many time thru history. It's up to us especially in these times where we are more informed and have the ability to study the bible to make our own decisions.

During the early days people depended on others to "interpret" what the bible said. Some took advantage of their lack of education, which while there will always be those who still try this? We know better now (or at least we should)

Free will....God's gift to us but also at times a curse....

Anirudh Kumar Satsangi said...

According to His Holiness Maharaj Sahab (1861-1907), the 3rd Spiritual Head of Radha Soami Faith, “during satyayuga,……… consequence of their greater spirituality and of the high purity of their heart, had no difficulty in getting access at times into the astral planes and holding communion with the departed spirits.” (Source: Discourses on Radhasoami Faith). Greater Spirituality as mentioned above is linked to the size of pineal gland. In Satyauga pineal gland was highly developed but in Kaliyuga the pineal gland is a rudimentary (undeveloped) organ. This is downward evolution of humankind. We should ascertain the period taken from highly developed pineal gland to undeveloped pineal gland. This will determine the Age of Human Existence on this Earth Planet. Other arguments, as I think, will not help much.
In Bhagavad-Gita Lord SriKrishna says to Arjuna:
“I taught this immortal Yoga to Vivasvan (sun-god), Vivasvan conveyed it to Manu(his son), and Manu imparted it to (his son) Iksvaku. Thus transmitted to succession from father to son, Arjuna, this Yoga remained known to the Rajarisis (royal sages). It has however long since disappeared from this earth. The same ancient Yoga has this day been imparted to you by Me, because you are My devotee and friend, and also because this is a supreme secret”.
At this Arjuna said: You are of recent origin while the birth of Vivasvan dates back to remote antiquity. How, then, I am to believe that you taught this Yoga at the beginning of creation? Lord SriKrishna said: Arjuna, you and I have passed through many births. I remember them all, you do not remember.
1. Radha Soami Faith was founded by His Holiness Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzur Soamiji Maharaj on the prayer of His Holiness Huzur Maharaj who later on became second Spiritual Head of Radha Soami Faith. The prime object of the Radha Soami Faith is the emancipation of all Jeevas (Souls) i.e. to take the entire force of consciousness to its original abode. There is a tradition of succession of Gurus or Spiritual Adepts in Radha Soami Faith. I am one of them as is evident from the following facts or ….
“My most Revered Guru of my previous life His Holiness Maharaj Sahab, 3rd Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith had revealed this secret to me during trance like state.
HE told me, “Tum Sarkar Sahab Ho” (You are Sarkar Sahab). Sarkar Sahab was one of the most beloved disciple of His Holiness Maharj Sahab. Sarkar Sahab later on became Fourth Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith.
Since I don’t have any direct realization of it so I can not claim the extent of its correctness. But it seems to be correct. During my previous birth I wanted to sing the song of ‘Infinite’ (Agam Geet yeh gawan chahoon tumhri mauj nihara, mauj hoi to satguru soami karoon supanth vichara) but I could not do so then since I had to leave the mortal frame at a very early age. But through the unbounded Grace and Mercy of my most Revered Guru that desire of my past birth is being fulfilled now.”