Monday, April 11, 2005

The Next Next-Gen

The Register has an article about the (alleged) unveiling of both the Xbox 2 and the PS3 (or whatever their respective names will be). Maybe I'm getting old, but it seems that I just got the Xbox not long ago...

Anyway, the reason I got the Xbox was due to the in-built harddrive. I've never been too fond of the memory card-thing, the only experience I've had with them was with the Gamecube and it was a bad one (I sold it off not long after I had gotten it). Maybe it would've been better if I had just let it sit in the card slot the whole time, but that didn't appeal to me. The memory card-issue was also the reason I didn't buy a PS2 (though in retrospect I might have enjoyed a PS2 more than my Gamecube).

So going into the next generation of non-PC gaming machinery neither console looks to have a built-in harddrive in their default set-up. The ball is still in the air regarding the Xbox 2 and the different versions of it MS will or won't make. (Three different versions, Bill?) All of this means that I still haven't made any real decision of which next-gen console I should buy.

But I have looked a bit at what's promised for the future of the Xbox 2, and most of it seems to revolve around massive improvements of the online capabilities. If you've read what I think about online gaming, you'll understand if I'm not slipping around in my own drool. Not only that, but MS are strongly encouraging developers to make use of Xbox Live, too.
Microsoft is requiring developers to make all Xenon titles Live enabled.
Does anyone else hear this less as "It's good to play together" and more as "It's good to pay Microsoft to let you play together"?

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