Friday, April 22, 2005

The Therapy Blog?

Sometimes I wonder what it is about people's fascination with bad news. It seems as if all the news is centered around disaster. Aren't there good news to talk about? Probably, but good news doesn't really sell as well. There's nothing to catch the public's attention like a good disaster, such as a terrorist act, earthquake or killer wave.

And in the blogosphere, too, there is a propensity to talk much about one's very personal issues.
I'm miserable again. I'm miserable because I'm very excited about this girl and I know I'm going to fuck it up. I'm going to fuck it up being miserable about knowing that I'm going to fuck it up, and then after my being miserable goes ahead and fucks it up I'm going to be even more miserable. Probably more miserable than when I started.

Also, I have a canker sore.
Not just posts can include these kinds of confessions, but blog descriptions, like that of mywhiningzone ("wherein i describe the impending demise of my decade-and-a-half marriage. let it be a lesson to you young folks..."), and post titles, like "How I ended up rolling around (publicly) in feces." Very often these problems are told in a humorous way, often with a degree of self-distance. Some of the most popular blogs are not afraid of retelling tales of hardships.

But even though people are drawn to read about such difficulties, it can't be only for the reason of publicity and popularity that bloggers write about it. After all, blogging isn't an unfamiliar concept anymore; there are countless of blogs, each with their own sad stories. There's no guarantee that your story will even be read by one single person.

For many, it's just the act of getting it written down, and that helps them pinpoint the problem at hand. In a way the blogosphere is similar to a world-spanning therapy group, where every person is given their own outlet for their issues, and readers who recognize the problems can sympathize and respond with their own feelings.

Global online group therapy for a generation who more than any generation before is affected by mental health-problems and self-doubt.

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