Thursday, May 05, 2005


I tried writing something just now, but had to stop because I couldn't remember a word. Yes, I know it sounds weird and senile. I just get more ready for the old-folks home with each day. It's been happening more often that it takes longer than usual for me to remember specific words, and I can't help but fear that my brain is getting too packed with information, and to make room for new info it has started randomly deleting old stuff.

Some time ago I took up studying Japanese in my spare time, and recently I've also started practicing on a keyboard we've been having laying around the house for about 10 years or so. So combine this with the Swedish, English and the little Finnish that I know, maybe I've finally overfilled my brain and what doesn't have room just falls out? Maybe I'm just too stupid to learn a new language at my age.

Oh well, nevermind. I'll probably think of it sometime when I least expect it.

Before I forget, if you come here hoping to read about games and stuff, you can head over to DMA's blog-thing. He should be a bit more on-track about them than I am since he actually, you know, makes them.

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