Sunday, May 01, 2005

Nicola Calipari

For those of you not subscribing to the BBC newsfeed, he was an Italian agent who died when transporting the kidnapped journalist Giuliana Sgrena to safety. He didn't die from a terrorist attack or something like that, but he was shot by US soldiers. The Italians are all "why'd ya do that!" and the US are like "you were speeding, suit yourself" and the Italians are just like "no we didn't! You suck!" and the US are all "no, you suck!", and on it goes.

Of course it would be interesting to know what actually happened, but we'll probably never find out. Or maybe we'll find out in 10 years when someone writes about it in their memoirs. There's just too much politics and spin on it for any sense to be made of it right now. It would be quite interesting if a video tape would appear.

Well, those are the things that happen in war. Remember that this war is probably the most televised yet, and still we're no closer to finding out the truth about some of the things that occur. All video is edited, cut and fingered with, everything for the purpose of each party spinning the story their way. It's like todays news wouldn't be news anymore, just pre-packaged conclusions spoon-fed to an audience worrying only about how much this will raise oil-prices.

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