Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sleeping and not sleeping

For the longest time I had serious troubles getting to sleep. One time I just got so tired of not being able to sleep (no matter how silly it sounds) that I just gave up and started reading a book in the middle of the night. I tried once counting sheep, actually visualising them in my mind, but that didn't really work either. It's like my mind needs to be free to wander in order for me to finally relax and fall asleep, but it can't do so while I'm trying to fall asleep. A pillow that felt like it was filled with gravel didn't help either.

It's gotten better lately, after grabbing a new pillow (hope you won't miss it, sis) and a new method for letting my mind wander, namely counting in Japanese while picturing the kanji for each number. Maybe it's the extra thought-processes it requires to count in a different language that eliminates the "why oh why can't I sleep"-thoughts. In any case, I'm much relieved to actually have a method of falling asleep and being able to wake up before noon. And man, this new pillow really feels like a little piece of heaven...

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