Friday, May 13, 2005

Something slightly related to Star Wars ep3

So Episode 3 is coming. Looking at the newspaper I see ticket prices for it are at 10 Euros (about 12.6384 USD). And I thought they were high already at 8.

It sort of makes you think, what the heck is making it so expensive just to see a movie? There are DVDs selling for less than that! The costs for showing it is almost zero, they could just add another row of chairs in the back and they'd fit in enough people to make as much charging 8 as if they would charging 10.

But the real cost isn't in the media itself (as everyone and their dog knows). If it would be prices of movies would actually have gone down with the introduction of DVDs (I actually believed they would for a short time). No, the real cost is marketing, commercials, billboards, previews, making-ofs and everything to put it on people's lips and in people's faces. This makes me think a bit about the Matrix sequels. Like many, I was gravely disappointed, even though the action scenes were quite nice. So what we have is a couple of movies costing a tremendous amount of money, and probably a tremendous amount of spending on promotion, and by the time that I got to see the first of the sequels I had seen so many of the action sequences in commercials and the making-of that many of them seemed like old news.

Still, like everyone else (and their dogs), I'll probably go see it too. Though I will do so reluctantly.


lila said...


D-M.A. said...

The cinemas themselves aren't the thieves here. They usually have to struggle pretty hard to stay afloat. It's the production companies selling licenses to the cinemas that are upping the prices.

Jacke said...

Yep, more marketing increases marketing costs, increasing prices. Or the greedy pigs just want more money.

And, uh, hi to yourself, lila.