Saturday, July 23, 2005


Some of you might be familiar with Swedish musician Robyn.

I really liked the single "Be Mine", but having heard the album has given me mixed feelings. I respect her, with her having dropped Max "Hit me baby one more time" Martin (no offense to Max, who I also respect), setting up her own label with a nice Japanese-inspired name and making her own way in the industry. But her album is... not quite my piece of pie. It starts with a opening called "Curriculum vitae" (CV for short, an abbreviation most people who have a job should be familiar with) which is basically almost three minutes of praising herself. For what purpose? I don't know, but I've never been comfortable with people who raise themselves to the skies. The rest sounds a bit like it's been taken right out of the early 90's pop scene. It sounds like just like the opening, trying to hard. Not to mention lyrics like "Good girls are pretty / like all the time / I'm just pretty / some of the time". It conveys the message, but man, to me that just sounds crap.

No, I'd take Coldplay's "X & Y" any day.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Audio stuff

I'm thoroughly enjoying Terry Lin's series on audio compression. I'm thinking that's the stuff that could be useful to know if the band ever gets on its feet. Sure there are other sources for the same info, but it's nice to have it served on a platter without having to google for it.

Right now all I've got to play on is a crappy old keyboard that my brother originally bought ten years or so ago. No midi, no real samples for the instruments. And the head-phone jack is busted too. At least it's a good training keyboard. It's not like anyone will miss it if I'd break it or something.
But midi is something that I'd really want to use. I've got Garageband, and I've been playing around with it. Very neat application, but the lack of real midi input means I'm inserting noted manually. Which is a real hassle.

The problem is of course that the good stuff cost a lot of money. Which I don't have. Hmm.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The System

I'm having that unpleasant feeling you get when you try to stray outside what the system* wants you to do. When you push the system too hard and you find the system pushing back only a hundred times harder.

This current pushing back and forth is about shopping online without a credit card.

Being a poor bastard as myself, credit cards isn't the thing you get dropped on you just for being there.

And shopping online without a credit card is much about side-stepping the well-trodded paths of others and going out on a limb in some cases.

This case involves me, Paypal (and their inability to fund a Finnish account via bank transfer, something that's perfectly acceptable just a little to the west in Sweden) and a Russian, possible scam-company called Exchange Online. Now, Moneybookers is a fine service that does allow Finnish users to fund their accounts via bank transfer, but too few online retailers accept MB as payment. Exchange Online seemed like a good go-between, offering to transfer my MB funds to Paypal. Or so I thought.

After having read through their entire site (FAQ, rules, whatever) I decided to try it out. Sending the money went fine (when hasn't a company taken your money?), and then the (long) wait to see if they would run off with it. Well, I got a response today, saying that the target account, that the funds were to be transferred to, needed to be verified, something that can't be done without, guess what? A credit card.

Which I don't have of course, the very reason I decided to use, no wait, try their services IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So. I'm going to see if I can get a refund since they didn't mention this little, little requirement anywhere, though I very much doubt that will happen.

It's pretty fun to push the system, but when the system decides to start pushing back, it can really hurt you.

*The system in this case being conforming to the pre-set rules of your surroundings (or some other bullshit. sounded nice though).

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


i'm glad i came back. it turns out i forgot to pack my porn cd collection. it actually has a sticker on the front that says PORN. if i had left my parents would have certainly found it and shit that would be embarassing.
-Terry Lin