Saturday, July 23, 2005


Some of you might be familiar with Swedish musician Robyn.

I really liked the single "Be Mine", but having heard the album has given me mixed feelings. I respect her, with her having dropped Max "Hit me baby one more time" Martin (no offense to Max, who I also respect), setting up her own label with a nice Japanese-inspired name and making her own way in the industry. But her album is... not quite my piece of pie. It starts with a opening called "Curriculum vitae" (CV for short, an abbreviation most people who have a job should be familiar with) which is basically almost three minutes of praising herself. For what purpose? I don't know, but I've never been comfortable with people who raise themselves to the skies. The rest sounds a bit like it's been taken right out of the early 90's pop scene. It sounds like just like the opening, trying to hard. Not to mention lyrics like "Good girls are pretty / like all the time / I'm just pretty / some of the time". It conveys the message, but man, to me that just sounds crap.

No, I'd take Coldplay's "X & Y" any day.

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D-M.A. said...

Ewww Coldplay :-)