Thursday, July 21, 2005

The System

I'm having that unpleasant feeling you get when you try to stray outside what the system* wants you to do. When you push the system too hard and you find the system pushing back only a hundred times harder.

This current pushing back and forth is about shopping online without a credit card.

Being a poor bastard as myself, credit cards isn't the thing you get dropped on you just for being there.

And shopping online without a credit card is much about side-stepping the well-trodded paths of others and going out on a limb in some cases.

This case involves me, Paypal (and their inability to fund a Finnish account via bank transfer, something that's perfectly acceptable just a little to the west in Sweden) and a Russian, possible scam-company called Exchange Online. Now, Moneybookers is a fine service that does allow Finnish users to fund their accounts via bank transfer, but too few online retailers accept MB as payment. Exchange Online seemed like a good go-between, offering to transfer my MB funds to Paypal. Or so I thought.

After having read through their entire site (FAQ, rules, whatever) I decided to try it out. Sending the money went fine (when hasn't a company taken your money?), and then the (long) wait to see if they would run off with it. Well, I got a response today, saying that the target account, that the funds were to be transferred to, needed to be verified, something that can't be done without, guess what? A credit card.

Which I don't have of course, the very reason I decided to use, no wait, try their services IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So. I'm going to see if I can get a refund since they didn't mention this little, little requirement anywhere, though I very much doubt that will happen.

It's pretty fun to push the system, but when the system decides to start pushing back, it can really hurt you.

*The system in this case being conforming to the pre-set rules of your surroundings (or some other bullshit. sounded nice though).

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