Thursday, August 04, 2005


I've grown really tired of this current template and thinking of changing it a bit. The decision is also helped by the fact that Martin has almost the exact same.

It's also very, very cloudy here. The sky has been the same shade of grey the whole day, which makes it seem like the entire day has just been the same hour-or-so stretched out over the entire day. The old wind-up clock on the wall has also stopped long ago, adding to the illusion. (Noone who cares enough to wind it up is home...) At least I got some piano practice in today. I felt some time ago that I sort of hit a wall, around the time I started trying to read notation. So I took some time to check the 'net for resources and little by little I've started to decypher it (notation, that is). Still a long way off, but a little step in the right direction.

I guess I should also find out when school starts and stuff... damn, I'm lazy. Or maybe not lazy, but I feel really unmotivated to do this school-stuff (except for the Japanese course that I finally went around to applying/getting accepted for, yay).

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