Saturday, August 20, 2005

GTA once more (and other stuff)

So my brother (from now on to be called "The Wizard") got GTA: San Andreas to work again using his l33t car-wax skillz. Apparently it is "the shit" to put car-wax on scratched discs. Well, it worked better than my oily idea, so kudos to Mr. Wizard.

In toe-related news, it feels much better. The swolling has gone down quite a bit and it's starting to approach a size one could consider to be nearly normal. I was afraid to put water on it the first night, so I wore a plastic bag over my foot when I showered. The second night I tried without bag and no problem arose, and today I even searched out (OK, so it wasn't me that did the actual searching, but whatever) and gave the foot a little bath. Hilarity ensued as I poked the blister full of blood (which wasn't coagulated as I thought it was) and observed a small stream of blood and plasma pour out and disappear in the water. As I said before, the swelling has gone down a bit, but the toe has now turned a strange shade of blue. Though I was told it would adopt this colour, I'm still unnerved by it.

I have also been clicking on to the next blog a lot lately, flagging all the adblogs I come upon. It's almost become a reward in itself to flag spam-blogs, something that I look forward to much more than another blog mixing capitals and minuscules like they were freely interchangable and give silly "your browser is not win32 compatible"-errors on anything else but Windows.
In any case, I've found some of the silliest resource-hoggers that pre-/teen bloggers use to fill out their blogs instead, you know, actual content, and just taken the liberty to adblock it in Firefox. (Yes, some of those little doo-hickies might have something that almost approaches significance on them, but I'm gonna take that risk.)
Some of the domains I've blocked:, ads. and, (I mean, that's a no-brainer, and yes, I've seen it used on a blog...), and If you know of more of these useless little stupidities, please drop a comment so I can check it out and see if blocking it could delay my decay into full-blown insanity.

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