Thursday, August 11, 2005

I like to play

So I got myself the Keystation 49e I talked about earlier. My brother and I went to the music shop today and checked out the gear they had (even though I was pretty set on this one) and I tried out some really nice ones that were way out of my price-range. Compared to the cheap hand-me-down I've been using earlier the ones I tried out sounded exactly like a real piano! I don't remember any specific names, but they were very nice.

They also had a couple of other used keyboards that I looked at, but even those were a bit too expensive, though not by much. If I'd had an extra 50 there's a real possibility that I would've gotten one of those instead, even though I would've needed an extra MIDI -> USB adapter. But I must say that the USB on the Keystation is a very good addition, it makes setting it up a breeze (assuming you have relatively new hardware). The combination with Garageband is a very satisfying one. It really feels like you'd be playing on a more expensive piece when you're playing one of the big synth leads in GB...

I even recorded a short piano piece! It took a couple of attempts before I could play it through without messing it up too badly, but the thrill I got when it was done was a huge one... I can see why so many people dream of being musicians.

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