Thursday, August 18, 2005

Life is pain

Especially after your toe has been crushed by a bottle of Coca-Cola Light (that's Diet Coke for those who didn't know).

My mother came home today after doing some shopping and being the good son I am I was going to unload her of the two bottles of Coke Light I'd put on the shopping list. Unfortunately she released one of them before I had a grip on it, dropping the 1.5 litre bottle, representing a weight of approximately 1.5 kg (about 3.3 pounds) from a distance of ca. 40 centimeters. That would make it hit my toe (the one next to the big toe, btw) with a speed of (if I've read this right)... 10.8 KM/h, and taking only 0.28571429 seconds to fall? And hitting with a force of 11.76N? Does that sound right? I haven't taken a physics course in years.

Anyways, it's all weirdly coloured now and a big lump of coagulating blood under the skin right at the root of the nail. Speaking of the nail, I was told it will probably fall off. Eww. I've never had a nail fall off before, so that would be a first. At least it will grow back out again, right?


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