Thursday, August 25, 2005

Long day & more of what we're learning

Today I had a pretty long day... I had a dentist appointment at 11.00, which might not seem that early if you don't know me. I've always had problems getting up in the mornings, and during summer my waking hours tend to gravitate quite a bit forward, so I might get up around noon. Not to mention my problems I have falling asleep, especially when I know that I need to get up earlier than usual in the morning.

The dentist thing was just a check-up, I had a couple of cavities and some tartar (I didn't know it was called that in English, and I'm not talking about "A member of any of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples of central Asia who invaded western Asia and eastern Europe in the Middle Ages") that will be fixed at a later appointment.

After the dentist it was only an hour and a half until my Japanese class started, so I went to the library for a bit, where I started reading Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto even though I've read it before. I thought about borrowing it but eventually decided it was a bad idea to start reading that again when I have so many books still unread.

In Japanese today we continued basically from yesterday, learning more about phonetics and stuff, and also going throgh a couple of more hiragana. I have the hiragana and katakana pretty much in my head by now, but I did learn that hiragana is originally heavily simplified versions of kanji that have that reading! Interesting... Of course Wikipedia could have told you the same thing with pictures to illustrate it.

Japanese ended at 17.00, after that it was movie night with that dude, as he had "found" Star Wars Ep. 3.

All in all, a long day for me. Good thing I don't have anything scheduled for tommorrow.

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Ainu said...

I've got to get that book!!!
I've read only N.P. , Kitchen and Lizard.

BUT. When will I have the time?!?!?