Saturday, August 27, 2005

Silly english

Seriously, this is getting unbearable. I was going through blogs in search of spam and came across a post like this:
iM a ShoRt 14 Yr oLd GurL hU JuX Gt DuMp By HeR 1St StD AnD iSh ExTreMe DePreSsEd OvEr iT..Nw BcM BeRI Zi LIaN Es AfT e BrEak Up..
I had to fight with myself to not drop a comment saying maybe she wouldn't have been dumped if she would speak normally.


Sho Fukamachi said...

Why on earth were you "going through blogs in search of spam"?!

What a waste of time.

Jacke said...

Sometimes I like to waste time :P

That and I have a very anal personality and I like to think that I do some sort of good when I flag spam-blogs. I guess I'm a bit weird in that way.

Ainu said...

That girl is an artist!!

Jacke said...

You know what they say, one persons art is another ones trash.

Ainu said...