Saturday, August 27, 2005

Silly password-protection

In my journey through Blogspot, I've come across a couple of blogs that seem to be password-protected, even though Blogger offers no such service yet. (On a related note, if they ever do make such a feature in the future they should remove any password-protected blogs from the listings so you can't get there by the 'Next blog'-button.) I say "seem", because some think that Javascript is all it takes.

Let's take an example: [removed after attack of better judgement]. The site uses Javascript to pop up a dialog box asking for a password. If you want to know the password, just disable Javascript. It's done easily in Firefox, by just unchecking one box.

After that it is a trivial matter to look at the source and see the code.
if (password == "password") {
alert(" wait!how do u get tat? ")
And remember to only use this knowledge for non-evil purposes.


Ainu said...

Are you a some kind of nerd?

Jacke said...

Half-nerd, maybe.