Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Still no GTA: SA

(Boy today is weird. This is the third time I try to post this; the first time a power-failure ate the post and the second time I accidentaly posted it to another blog.)

I got the new DVD drive, but still no GTA: SA, which means it's probably a disc problem. It does look a bit scratched... In order to fix the scratches I thought maybe you could put on something to fill them out and polish a bit. Hmm, what to use. How about oil? Put a bit on, wipe around a bit and it's good as new! Except for a bit icky and the box doesn't recognize it. Oops. Better wash it off, but oil doesn't come off easily, does it? Should probably use dishwashing-paste (is it called that? That can't be.. You know, the stuff you use for manual washing). Wash it off a bit and it did look better. Shinier at least. And with a bit of further abuse (note to self: probably not a good idea to abuse the new dvd-reader) it did sort of start, just that the loading music sounded like static and it gave another "dirty disc"-error as soon as it was done loading.

Oh well, at least I got a belated birthday present from my grandmother in the form of some cash. Thanks grandma :)
There were some nice used keyboards at the music shop... No, can't think of another one so soon after.

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