Monday, August 08, 2005

This isn't the blog you're looking for

One of the first (if not the first) comment I ever got to a posting said that this blog sucks. No offense taken (I'm guessing it was someone who was just copying The Hitchhiker's Guide and the alien who had taken it as his mission to insult every person in the universe), but the poster had a point: I don't make for a very good blogger.

For the archetype of a blogger I would point toward someone like Xiaxue. Lots and lots of postings, sometimes very long way from the start of a post to the actual point of it. Not to mention a load of pictures. It often reads (yes, I read it occasionally) as just a stream of thought, not really focusing on anything in particular. I wish I could write like that, heck maybe I can, I did it once before, but then I was in a particularly bad mood. But when I'm calm and, I almost said centered but that's not really right... sober... I'm way too self-editing to allow myself to write whatever comes into my mind.

I have list of things and ideas that, at the time of noting them down, I thought would make good subjects to discuss here. But now whenever I look at the list I think everything on it is way too unimportant to bring up. This is probably due to that the mood I'm in when I note them down quickly disappear. Ideally I would blog them as soon as I get them in my head. (Which is actually what I did with this post, so that's a step in the right direction.)

The other blog that I would like to bring up is one that I wouldn't say is the typical blog, but the one that I would like to write if I had the guts: terry lin's blogger. I've linked there before and I'll probably link there again in the future. The reason I like it is because it's so stripped down of all the un-essentials: no links, no contact details, no comments, no sitemeter. Just the postings and the reader. With no indication of how many other readers he has, it gives it a more intimate feeling than other blogs. If he'd had comments enabled I bet that I would probably just skimmed it through a bit before pressing that 'next blog'-button. (No comments gives it a feeling of unreachability, a sort of rarity. If I was more paranoid I'd suspect that he knows the same and has done it on purpose.)

I always have problems finding finishing words for these things.



Anonymous said...
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Jonas said...

You know what-you blog just fine! People suck anyway. Fudge 'em!