Sunday, August 14, 2005


No, not my wedding, but my cousins. (And she's only one year older than me. It's weird to see those around your own age getting married while I myself hardly feel grown up.) Only the second wedding I've been to so I can't speak with any long experience, but both weddings I've been to have been quite boring. The first was last year around midsummer (a bit after maybe, now that I think of it), my uncle's, so the mean age was quite high. This one was attended by a number of younger people too, meaning more of the opposite sex to glance at. Yes, there was cute girl that sort of caught my eye (no Martin, not the one you were after), but that will lead nowhere, why that is will become apparent.

My cousin is somewhat religious, and most of the people (girls) there are then by default in the same group: no-drinking, no-swearing, honest-to-god Christians, who will probably go with good Christians like themselves. And the truth is that I'm not really Christian. I don't go around saying that I don't believe in God and the Bible, which probably means that people just assume that I am [Christian]. This would of course lead to problems when I eventually explain my opinions about religion.

But all of that is irrelevant since immediately as I see a girl that I like I become completely silent and reserved. This girl was in fact someone I had gone to school with some years ago that I had forgotten the name of... You'd think that I at least could have asked for her name, but I thought that would just make it painfully obvious that I didn't remember her. When I got home I got the urge to search out some old photobook from the school-days and see if I could even just find out her name (but I couldn't find it).
I don't know what it's due to, but it's probably because of this... affliction* of mine.

*I'll tell you about this sometime.

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