Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Xbox: half past dead

Looks like my old Xbox now has one foot in the grave as it has stopped loading up GTA: San Andreas. Could it perhaps have been due to repeated abuse caused by irritation from "dirty disc"-errors..? Nah!

So, yes. Perhaps I have a bit of anger management issues when it comes to my Xbox. But the problems with it are, or were, really bad even from the start. It start giving "dirt disc"-errors shortly after I bought it at launch on March 14, 2002. The problem is with the DVD drive and is well known; most of the early models (including mine) came with a crap Thomson drive that probably started throwing errors when it was still on the assembly line. It still seems to play some discs OK, so my theory is that it just doesn't read the second layer of DVDs too well (Halo still seems to work, Halo 2 and GTA: SA don't load).
I sort of regret my abuse now, but the truth is that it would probably have died sooner or later considering the various comments about the Thomson drives.

So now starts the search for a new drive. Maybe I'll see if I can get it modded at the same time.

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