Sunday, September 25, 2005

I want a DS

For those not in the know, that's a Nintendo DS.

Even though everyone says it's a "dead system" and that it'll get pounded in the behind by the PSP, I still want one. Looking at the games for it, they appeal very much to me, with stuff like Another Code 2, Touch! Kirby's Magical Paintbrush, Electroplankton, Ouendan and Super Mario DS (I was a big fan of Super Mario 64). What I've heard of the games for the PSP is that it's mostly a PS2 in your pocket, not much new in terms of concepts or gameplay. Of course there are (probably) a couple of good games for the PSP too, but they don't seem as interesting to me as the line-up for the DS.

Having played games for about 10 or so years now, I guess I'm getting into that age where graphics are not the most important thing anymore. I guess having spent the last couple of years with the "check-box line-up" of the Xbox has also left me longing for a good old Nintendo-made game. (Before I bought the Xbox I was a longtime fanboy of the big N, having owned the NES and the N64 [though skipping the SNES, oddly enough].)

There's a good quote from the latest Edge magazine (154) concerning the difference between the two portables:
The PSP: a handheld for people who know what they want. The DS: a handheld for people who want what they don't know.
And for those following all the links I gave to the games, you will notice that they're all Japanese versions, which is another motive I have: to learn language through games. I could really see myself trying my hand at the Japanese version of something as text-based as Another Code 2, with a dictionary beside me, working through the game...

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