Sunday, September 11, 2005

Learning through movies

I watched Battle Royale again today after a suggestion from my brother. Having a Japanese movie suggested by my brother is a bit out of the ordinary since he usually never watches any "foreign" movie (ie. a movie with subtitles), but BR is one of the few foreign movies he's managed to watch to the end. Even my sister started watching it!

While watching, I was pleased to note that I could understand a lot more of what was said than last time I watched it, which means that I am progressing in my learning...

Last time in Japanese class we dealt a bit more with pronunciation, and we also learned a bit about how some words that are spelled the same have slightly different intonation. We have for example (hope you can view Japanese text) 開く, "open", and 悪, "evil", both pronounced "aku", but the word for "open" rises in tone after the "i" while for the word for "evil" the tone falls after "i". There were 78 of the examples in the compendium we got...

Speaking of movies, Takeshi Kitano's Hana-Bi was what really sparked my interest in Japan/Japanese... (As far as I recall, anyway.)


Ainu said...

Hello Jacke! Konnichi wa!

Yes, I had hörförståelseprovet (lång lärokurs!) last monday. Only two weeks and my exams are finito. I would like to put my mind into Japanese.

You have such a fine English blog here! I will read what you have written when I have more time.

Sadly, I cannot see the Japanese text you have typed. When I get my own computer I can.. This one is my boyfriend's.

How can you even write Japanese with your computer?

Japanese movies were also my first contact with Japanese language. I had Hana-bi recorded from tv, but I never watched it. Nagisa - rannikon tyttö and the Miyazaki-films that were shown on tv I watched with enthusiasm.

Maxwell Edison said...

I have to commend your choice of movies, Battle Royale is a truly fantastic film!