Thursday, September 08, 2005

A weird story

I came to think of a rather strange incident while reading a comment somewhere.

This happened a winter some years ago when I was walking home from clubbing on a Saturday night. There was a number of kilometres I had to walk from the center of town to the place I was going to crash, and after walking about halfway I came across a guy (about my age, by the way, not a bum or anything) just laying on the sidewalk. And this was wasn't in any sort of logical place to sleep either, especially in the winter. So I looked him over a bit, fearing first he was dead (he had a really nasty looking bump on his head), and tried to wake him up, ask him if he was alright. I started in Swedish since, well, I was a bit intoxicated and didn't come to think of that he might be a Finn. Anyway, he came to, and through some strange exchange we started to speak English with each other, even though I probably spoke better Finnish than he spoke English.

I asked him why he was laying in the middle of the street, and he starts going on with some weird story about him being attacked by some black dudes, and when the police showed up they had supposedly done something to him too. I say supposedly, because in the state he was in, he probably could have imagined the whole thing. Seeing as he was going in the same direction he tagged along.

As we were going along and speaking in English, he asked me where I was from. And for some reason I thought that "I'll just say that I'm English", and spun up a whole story about my father being from England and grew up there and later moved to Finland. I said earlier about the state of drunkenness he was in, and while we were walking I could tell that he was pretty out of it; he asked me repeatedly how it was that I spoke English and from where I was. Since I didn't want to upset him I went along and gave him the story again... Though I do wonder if he wasn't confused since I said I grew up in England but spoke with the more American accent I've gotten from watching TV shows. If he was, at least he didn't call me on that one.

He did wan't to stop and beat up a random person we passed by on the other side of the street, but I managed to talk him out of that. We went our separate ways eventually, but for some reason, that incident has stuck in my memory.

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