Friday, October 21, 2005

Re: Weblog usability

Via Blogger Buzz comes an article on Weblog usability by some schmoe. Some of it is alright, but most of it you can probably ignore.

1 & 2: No author biography/photo.
You don't need this, and if your goal to blog anonymously due to governments not looking kindly to critical opinion it would even be highly discouraged.

4: Links don't say where they go.
Most browsers have a little field at the bottom of the screen that writes out the destination of the link. You could also actually make the text that is linked informative enough to not need any further description (like how I linked to the article itself above). Though the article on link titles was quite informative.

8: Mixing topics.
This depends of course on what you write about. Do you want to write about chocolate one day and what you thought when sitting on the loo the other? Why shouldn't you be allowed to do that? The ultimate question you have to ask yourself is "who are you doing it for?" Are you blogging for yourself or are you blogging for popularity?

9: Forgetting you write for your future boss.
This goes a bit in the same category as 1 & 2. If you write with the expressed purpose of appealing to your future boss, isn't that limiting your writing to only that which you think is publically acceptable? Will you be able to be honest with yourself (and in your writing) while attempting to promote yourself, and still write about everything you want?

10: Having a domain name owned by a weblog service.
Yes, very good for you if you can afford a cool adress like, but not everyone can (afford it). Having multiple weblog services also almost guarantees that there will always be someone that doesn't charge.

We now return you to your regular browsing. Get out of here.

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