Sunday, October 23, 2005

先生のコト (Sensei no koto)

This is our teacher, Elomaa-sensei. He speaks god knows how many languages and is probably one of the brightest people in the country.

The picture is a bit old since nowadays he has a bit more of a beard going. There's a newer picture at Aino's blog, which I will take the liberty to crop and post.

Speaking of other blogs and our teacher, I found the blog of one of our 先輩 (senpai) at Livejournal. The way I found it is sort of interesting so I will force it upon you; I knew we had a teacher coming who was named Kimura. Wanting to find out more about this person, the first stop was the Japanese department at the University of Stockholm. There among the list of personnel you could find an image of Kimura Hiroko-sensei (who I found out is a woman). Google didn't turn up anything interesting, so next stop blog-search Technorati. Ugh, too many results to go through using just the Hiroko Kimura search-term, so let's try with quotation marks around it (making it search for that specific word sequence). Much better. First result: The Trooper, by Nanashi, who appears to be one of our senpai. Interesting...

And among the posts I find one with a lot of pictures! Cool.

But some weird comments...
vitsi, elomaa är ju hot!
Roughly translated as: "Damn, Elomaa is hot!"

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Ainu said...

Niin. No nää -ko loppuiset on aika usein naisia. Viitaten Hiroko Kimuraan.

Minäkään en seuraa suomalaista musiikkia. Yleensä..

Siistiähän se vaan on, jos kuva cropataan.