Monday, November 07, 2005


After recommendation from Sho, I started watching the drama 電車男 (Densha Otoko, translated to "Train Man"). It's about an otaku who by chance meets a woman on the train home. Here's a bit more from
Tsuyoshi just happened to be on his way home from an event in Akihabara when he met Saori. He has never been in a fight before, but the sight of the drunk harassing Saori made him furious as he stood up to protect her.

The only things Tsuyoshi is usually interested in are anime and video games. But something about Saori's beauty lit a fire in his heart, giving him courage. When he's looking for words to apologize, Saori hands him her date planner. "I want to return a favor, so can you write down your address?" Tsuyoshi is taken back. He has been humiliated a thousand times by women, but never appreciated, especially from a beautiful woman like Saori. Saori has a sweet smile on her face as she watches Tsuyoshi write down his address with shaking hands.
It's interesting because I'm a bit geeky myself, though not as anime-obsessed as the main character here. But it's easy to imagine that if my interest in Japan would have been awokened earlier, during the darkest time in my school-years (age 11-15 or so), I would have been sucked into it and might have ended up even more introvert than I am now.

The other interesting thing comes from watching the main character being confronted with the things that until then had been unfamiliar to him, like shopping for new clothes, going to restaurants to eat and using hair gel.

I have only seen two episodes, but I'm already liking it! I'm watching the subtitled release of course, I'm still a long way off from being able to understand un-subbed shows...


Humbert H. Humbert said...

Hey, this is the guy from the O-Kami-Sama-sama blog. Proof:

Wooooo, I am eat your brain! [hands waving]

Anyways. Just in case you didn't know--this anime was based on a true story, which unfolded in real time at the 2ch (nichanneru) message boards. Makes it all the more dramatic!

More info: Wiki article

Jacke said...

Yeah, I knew about it being based on a true story, but I'm a bit of a sceptic, so I'd go with the description on wikipedia, "alleged to be a true story".

Thanks for dropping by!