Friday, November 25, 2005

Dokument: Humor

That headline is in Swedish, but the meaning should be easy to translate since the words originate from English (or perhaps both the English and Swedish words originate from the same source, don't know much about the origins of those words).

Anyhow, Dokument: Humor is the title of a documentary-series aired on the Swedish SVT2 researching and dissecting comedy. It's been said that dissecting comedy is a bit like dissecting a frog: it's gross and the frog dies. It turns out that that saying is partially true; the show isn't laugh-out-loud funny, but it does provide some interesting insights into what goes on behind the comedy. Only two episodes have aired so far, but even now it has the feel that it could work like a "Comedy 101" class.

The show is hosted by Henrik Schyffert, a Swedish comedian that shot to fame in the early 90's, starting under the alias Glenn Killing, "hosting" the parodical show "I manegen med Glenn Killing" (I don't know how to translate "manege", so I'll let it be). The participants in the production were later to be called "Killing-gänget", and went on to produce some of the best comedy shown on Swedish TV. Since SVT are a progressive and magnanimous bunch they've had the good sense to make some of the clips available on their website!

The clips are all in Swedish, but there are soom that don't require that much understanding... Try Torsktortyr (a wonderful Reservoir Dogs spoof), Glenn Killing interviewing Roxette (if you know who Roxette are you'll appreciate the irony of the interview going in English) or Early Veiron calls USA. To view the video, check which media player you prefer (though the Realmedia is higher quality) and press 'Spara inställningar'. You can also use the direct links to the streaming video under 'Länkar till externa mediafiler'.

Torsktortyr: Realmedia or Windows Media

Glenn Killing interviewing Roxette: Realmedia

Veiron calls the USA: Realmedia or Windows Media

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Ainu said...

En aio kirjoittaa englanniksi pysyvästi. Mieleni ailahteluita, vaikka: ehkä siitä ruotsiksi kirjoittamisestakin oli hyötyä silloin aikoinaan, kun - yllättäen - ylioppilasarvosanani nousi kaksi askelmaa!

On edelleen ongelmia sen puhumisen kanssa. Mutta..

Sinun pitäisi puhua minulle ruotsia ihan tasa-arvon vuoksi. Minulle tulee huono omatunto kun puhun sinulle äidinkieltäni ja sinä et takaisin omaasi. Minunkin pitää kysyä välillä "Mitä??" tai paremmin, "Anteeksi kuinka?", sinulta.

Mutta jos haluat kiduttaa minua syyllisyydentunnossa...