Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Love is condom"

Original article (in Japanese). Last sentence graciously left untranslated due to me not being certain on what is meant.
The talent Eriko Satou (23) and 'Punch' Satou (40), on 26th [-ed. note: November, presumably], participated in the aids prevention information event "Red Ribon Campaign 2005" in the metropolitan area.

As the number of HIV infections have exploded in Japan, Satou appealed for the use of condoms: "'Love is condom'. AIDS is preventable so everybody please use this knowledge and protect yourself. If you are worried, get yourself tested." On a talk show, Punch took part in a condom use demonstration on a male dummy. As a specialist corrected him, he exclaimed "This is wrong?" with a smirk.
You heard the man. Love is condom.

Thanks to mdchachi on the Japannewbie forum for correcting my original horrible translation.

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