Saturday, November 12, 2005

My reading exercises

Every day there are a couple of Japanese websites that I check out, both for reading practice and out of pure interest.

Daily Sports entertainment news - To be honest, I don't really care about politics... But as I use Japanese entertainment a lot in my studies (a bit of a stretch, perhaps) I've taken an interest in the entertainment news. Sharp-eyed readers will see that the url ends with "gossip", which says it all, I guess. entertainment news - Same reason as above, just another one I've taken a habit of checking.

goo entertainment news - Another one, but this site also has a section with video clips that you can watch for listening!

Mitt Liv I Sverige - A blog by a Japanese exchange student in Sweden. It's good exercise and pretty fascinating to see a neighbouring country through the eyes of a Japanese person.

Now comes some sites dealing with my otaku/fanboy tendencies...

globe official website - The website of my favourite band, globe. (Which is, surprise surprise, a Japanese band. If you're wondering, the band name is really spelled with a lower-case "g".)

Global Relation BBS - A message board about globe.

globe thread at 2chan - The latest 50 posts in a thread about globe at the Japanese BBS 2channel (aka. 2chan).

And while we're on the topic of entertainment, here's a pic of one of the most popular comedians/"talents" right now in Japan, "Hard Gay" Razor Ramon! (God, I hope I don't get mistaken for a porn blog now.)In Japan, he's known simply as "Hard Gay" or "HG". His trademark move is hip-thrusting and ending every other sentence with a scream of "Fooooo!!!" Here's an article at Mainichi (English) if you're interested in knowing more about Hard Gay.

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