Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Orange Range (オレンジレンジ)

This is another band that I'm interested in right now. Here's a biography at Nippop.com because I'm too lazy to write an introduction myself.

I think I first came across them when I heard a song of theirs in a CM (commercial) for some cell-phone service. (In case you didn't know, most commercials in Japan are often accompanied by snippets of pop-music as opposed to original "jingles".) The song was Ishin Denshin, and that 30-second or so piece really got me interested. Before long I had their musiQ album ordered from YesAsia...

They mix pop, rap and catchy melodies in quite an interesting way. Though their songs are often a hit-or-miss deal for me, I feel that the hits far outweigh the misses. (Especially in the case of Hana, a wonderful song that I have hopes of learning to play on the piano some day.)

They've sometimes been accused of copying too much from other artists/songs (probably rightfully so in the case of Locolotion). But I'm more interested in the music than discussing the morals of re-using melodies and chord progression that have been around forever anyway.

You can hear some samples on the Sony Music Orange Range sound & video page.

Here are also direct links to the samples of the songs I've talked about:
Ishin Denshin


Ainu said...

You play piano too???!?!? How can one be so perfect?!?!

Well the best chefs are always men.. And women aren't allowed to touch the dohyo..

Jacke said...

Aino said:
"You play piano too???!?!? How can one be so perfect?!?!"

Hmm.. I wouldn't say I "can play" piano, but I'm slowly learning ^_^b

Noone is perfect, least of all me...