Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sickness and insomnia

Today was the first time that I skipped Japanese class. (Ok, technically the second since there was a history lesson that I didn't know was mandatory.)

I had been feeling pretty bad on yesterday (Tuesday), a bit of a stomach-ache and dizziness, but figured I'd get to bed earlier and get a long rest would see me fit for fight. Unfortunately, as usually happens when I'm really wanting to rest, I couldn't sleep. This also happens sometimes on days when I have an exam the next morning; I go to bed thinking I'm going to really rest and I end up tossing and turning half the night.

As I had layed there in bed then, for an unknown amount of time, I finally decided to check the time. Turned out I had been laying sleepless for almost three hours. Jeez... Realized that I'd probably feel like shit anyway if I in some miraculous way got up in time, so I decided it was best to turn off the alarm and take today off.

Feeling better except for a weird aching in/around my left eye. Sort of like a head-ache, but in a different place. I hope it's not my brain trying to escape.

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