Friday, December 16, 2005

Japanese done for this year

Calligraphy test today, and I can't believe I forgot what the katakana "ra" looked like!


Oh well, at least I got the stroke order for one of the unfamiliar kanji right. I was looking at it, trying to remember what we had learned about stroke orders, trying writing it, but then I had a gut feeling that it was wrong, so I changed it. I just looked it up (in the wwwjdic multi-radical search) and my gut was right!

The middle stroke going straight down comes second.

And after the test I took the opportunity to practice a bit on one of the schools pianos. It's not very often that I get teh chance to use a real piano, so I thought I'd get a bit of experience with the real thing. Since it's so close to Christmas it seems most of the students that are usually there have gotten their vacation already, so not many people were there that I could embarass myself infront of/disturb ;)

Japanese starts again sometime in January. Let's hope I can get that damn history essay written. (Need to remind myself often of that.)

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