Saturday, December 31, 2005

List mania 2005: Gaming

Again in no particular order.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Even larger environments with even more sub-games and distractions, this proved to be about the biggest game in 2005 for me. Many hours were spent playing and idling about. I also re-discovered my bitter-sweet, love-hate relationship with GTA in general with the horrendous crashing problems culminating in me taking out my aggression at my Xbox slightly too hard and thereby needing to replace the DVD-drive.

Penny-Arcade vs. Jack Thompson
Practically the whole gaming world blasted Thompson earlier this year when he offered to give ten-thousand dollars to charity if someone made a videogame according to his specification, but when someone actually made it as a modification for GTA he retracted the offer. The whole gaming community then watched in awe of Penny-Arcade's humongous testicles as they went on to donate the sum in his name anyway.

Nintendo DS
Going from "what the heck is that?" to "wow, that game looks really cool!", Nintendo seems to have really re-bounded in the eyes of many gamers. In a time when many are tired of titles like First-Person Shooter 6: The Return of the Sequel and the technological dick-measuring contest between Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo steps up and reveals first the Nintendo DS with its touch-screen input and follows that up with the unveiling of the Revolution controller. Many have said this is a return to form for Nintendo and vocally gives them their support. Let's see how many puts their money where their mouth is when the Revolution launches late next year.

And this years non-event for me:
Xbox 360
In one word: meh.

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