Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nintendo DS GET!

I finally got my Nintedo DS yesterday, and first impressions are very good. I like how it folds together since the screens run a smaller risk of getting scratched then. The first thing I looked at was PictoChat, the chat/doodle application in every NDS. It was a pleasant surprise that you can write hiragana & katakana in the chat even on models sold outside of Japan. I originally thought that one might be able to practice stroke orders with it, but after having tried it I don't think the resolution is high enough for the more complicated kanji. Since I don't know of anyone else with a DS I haven't had a chance to try to chat wirelessly.

I also got a game for it this Christmas, Kirby's Power Paintbrush, so I could also try out how the stylus worked in-game. Perhaps it was partly nostalgia (I was a big fan of the Kirby game on the NES), but as soon as I drew the first stroke in the tutorial mode I just started grinning like a little boy. I really felt like I was 12 again, or however old I was at that time.

It's pretty strange, but about two years ago, when I first heard of the Nintendo DS, with it's two screens, one of them a touch-screen, I was really scepticle about it. In my mind I was thinking of the Virtual Boy (heck, who wasn't?), but with time a number of titles appeared that all got good reviews and looked incredibly interesting. I would like to mention two factors that were important in turning me round to actually get one: Edge Magazine and Penny-Arcade. From Edge I got the proper reviews and also reviews of Japanese DS titles, I think that with my growing interest in Japanese this was one of the deciding things. From Penny-Arcade I could read a first-hand account from a sceptical early adopter that gradually started to see it's benefits. In fact, Penny-Arcade recently posted a retrospective of sorts in regards to this. I can't say "I told you so", because what he's describing is roughly how I feel, except I wasn't there to support it in the beginning.Publish


Ainu said...

I just got to play Mario Kart with DS. It was great fun, which is weird because I'm no player really.
I even won a match!!

My friend's DS is pink.
My boyfriend always checks outwhat other people write in Penny-Arcade. Don't know what he is doing there.

Elizabeth said...

Not in reference to this post in particular, but I just wanted to give you a shoutout, particularly for reading my Japan stories back in the day. I checked out your site and was hit with one or two or seven waves of nostalgia upon noting your references to jpop and kanji and the like. Having been back in the states and totally immersed in all things American for the past couple weeks, I can safely say that in addition to its more recognizable charms, there are aspects of Japan which I unexpectedly and very deeply miss. You mentioned wanting to blog Japan one day; indeed you should, especially as a student of the language. ganbatte!

Jacke said...

@ Aino: I also considered getting Mario Kart, but thought that I would first buy games that would also further my learning :)

@ Liz: Thanks for the encouragement! I'll try to make it there some day...