Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yesterday we had the big Japanese test, and today we went through it a bit to see what the answers were supposed to be. I also noticed some more mistakes that I had made (like writing 番 without strokes 2 & 3). The part of the kanji test where you should write the kanji that corresponded to the given hiragana kicked my ass. I had answers for less than half, and one of them I know now was wrong (the previously mentioned 番 in 電話番号). I think that I have enough points from the other sections to pass, but I guess you should never say never.

Tomorrow is the calligraphy test, which is shorter and supposedly easier. I think the most difficult part will be remebering the order that the hiragana is placed in the kana-table. Luckily I have a simple word to remember it by: Akasaatana-hamayawan. Ok, maybe not so easy...

And after that it's the end of this season! Just the 10-page history essay to write over Christmas then.

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