Thursday, December 22, 2005

What to do with your music?

I've been thinking lately about music, more specifically about the music that I would make myself.

I often just sit down and play around, recording what small pieces of chords and/or melodies that I come across that I like. It's not really "composing" per se, but it isn't playing someone else's composition either. But I could easily see myself taking the best pieces of what I've recorded and expanding a bit on them, trying to work them up to something that could be called, without too much stretching of the word's definition, full tracks.

The problem comes when trying to decide what I want to do then, when I have the tracks made and recorded. What's the second step? A record company? No, I've read far too many accounts of how bands get ripped off by traditional record companies, left penniless and without ownership of their own music anymore. I've heard far too much to buy the rock'n'roll-star dream that gets most record company contracts signed.

Alternatives? Put it up on the web, either uploading it somewhere myself (searching reveals a load of options, Google video, YouTube), or perhaps submit it to Magnatune and hope people hear it.

The second problem is that most people listen just to what's on the charts, meaning artists signed on big record labels. Looking around at comments from artists, and knowing from personal experience, it takes a lot for people to actually go out on the web and actively search for new and unknown music. Too much for most. I have myself been guilty of that laziness, knowing that there is lots of good music out there, but instead sticking to the bands I know, all signed with big record companies.

Of course, I'm probably thinking too much ahead. I should probably focus on trying to first make something.

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Jonas said...

That is why it's good to visit various forums. That way if you have songs on the web you can promote them there and get feedback.