Saturday, January 07, 2006

5 Movie deaths

A couple of death scenes in movies (or TV) that for some reason have stuck in my mind. Note that this might contain spoilers for the movies have you not seen them.

6 Feet Under - Nate Fisher Sr.
The first episode of 6 Feet Under, and the family father is killed in a traffic accident. I remember this scene due to the way it was depicted, from inside the car with the truck coming from the left showing outside in the window.

Platoon - Sgt. Elias Grodin
I remember this scene due to the way the music (which I can't find the name for right now) was incorporated to enhance the scene. When the scene is put in context, with the main character watching from a helicopter as Elias is gunned down by hostiles, even though a rival Sergeant in the platoon said he was already dead, his arms reaching up towards the helicopter.

The Green Mile - Eduard Delacroix
I saw this movie just yesterday, so perhaps that has something to do with the scene still being in my head. In this scene, Eduard Delacroix is about to be executed through electrocution, but a sinister warden, who's task it is to place a wet sponge on his head to increase contact surface for the electricity to run through (I guess), places the sponge without wetting it. The result is a long outdrawn death for the electrocuted, with lots of screaming, and the black hood covering his face eventually catching fire. This is the kind of scene that could give me nightmares even at my age. Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable.

The Godfather: Part III - Don Michael Corleone
The last part of the Godfather trilogy, the last scene. Michael Corleone is old sitting in a wheelchair, if I remember correctly. Then he just slumps down, completely unceremoniously. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Hana-bi - Yoshitaka Nishi and Miyuki, Nishi's wife
Hana-bi is one of my favourite movies, and the ending almost never fails to give me a lump in my throat. Usually for Kitano, death scenes are very graphical, with the camera never hesitating to show everything there is to show, but with this final scene it's pure simplicity: the camera leaves the pair and pans over the sea, the music swelling up to the ending, but suddenly cut off by two abrupt gun-shots. And then, a shot of a child who had been playing in the vicinity, now frozen, just watching in disbelief.

Sure there are more, but five seemed like a good number.


Ainu said...
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Jacke said...

Well, I haven't written much since my mind has been occupied by some strange comments that have appeared:

"dot-fucker... wetpants... lazyboy..."
"Haha. You removed my last comment.
Did I hit the soft spot?"
"This means war."

I'm trying to figure out a way to tell the commenter that I don't really like that kind of name-calling.

(I think I've heard enough insults and name-calling through years 9-15 in my life to last me a lifetime.)

Oh, and it's not the end of the world if the essay is late.

Ainu said...

Oh. I'm sorry.


I'm a mess.
Tried to be funny.. That's it.

I'm going to shut up now.

Didn't know you were bullied.
That ain't nice.

And if I really delayed your writing, I'm double-sorry.

It's just..
I've been kinda lonely: Eero's in Jyväskylä. So I started to terrorize your blog.

It's a gorgeous blog, you know.

Ainu said...

I'm a child... childish monster.

Jacke said...

That's alright, those are the kind of misunderstandings people can have when they comminucate through a limited medium like this. Maybe I did take your comments a bit too seriously...

Btw, why did you remove your blog(s)?

Ainu said...

They caused misunderstandings and harm.

And now I can do other things..

Jonas said...

Just tell me who messes with you and I'll kick their asses from here to tuesday... or I could start a rumour that they are gay. In a small town like this it will spread like wildfire...then me and my main man martin could egg their house or something :p

Jacke said...

"Just tell me who messes with you and I'll kick their asses from here to tuesday."

Thanks, but those problems suddenly disappeared after finishing grade 9. Though if you have a time-machine I'm pretty sure my adolescent self would appreciate it.

Jonas said...

Guess I’d better get building then. I could go back and party with adolescent you and adolescent me. On second thought I’d better not. Those guys were boring.

Speaking og platoon though, we’re gonna watch it tonight :D

Jacke said...

Speaking o[f] platoon though, we’re gonna watch it tonight :D

We are..?