Saturday, January 28, 2006


I was in a very bad mood earlier today, banging my hand in the desk just because I was on the verge of losing a game of Snood. Not really my style. I started thinking what could have caused the bad mood, and though my first thought that it was just a while since I had eaten is probably correct, it's boring. Instead I have another thought.

As I said earlier, I finished Ouendan earlier last Sunday. What happened next is that I went through the next difficulty level surprisingly fast! Probably due to the fact that I was used to the songs by then. In any case, it went a lot smoother than the first time around, but when I came to the final level a couple of days ago, I just ran into a wall. The first time I didn't even last ten seconds. So, my brain, which was then used to the daily sense of relief from finishing a level or two, was denied that feeling. This might be a good time to check up on terry lin's blogger where he has written quite a lot about it. Apparently it's called homeostasis.

I've linked there before, and I've probably brought it up, but the reason I read it/link to it as often as I do is that that is the kind of blog I would write were I not so concerned with how people would think of me. Just straight black-on-white, no lame graphics, no comments, no hit-counter, no extras. Just the blogger and the reader. With there being no indication whatsoever as to if anyone else is reading it, it gets a more intimate feeling, as if it's just a private conversation between two people (or perhaps monologue since there is no feedback system). While you're there, you can read about masturbation and that time he mooned a statue of an otter.

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Ainu said...

He's a great writer..

But I so, so, so like all the extra stuff you can put to your blog. I can not live without colours and as girly as it is my blog is pink!