Monday, January 23, 2006

Rhythm, Action

I finished Ouendan on normal mode late last night after an epic struggle with the last level. Now I have an all-new difficulty level to bite into.

I've also started thinking recently that the rhythm action-genre seems to really divide people into those who "get it" and those who don't. I really like Ouendan, and I was also into DDR (or "Dancing Stage" as it's also called), but decided I'd save it for the occasions when I'm home alone since I'm easily distracted when I jump around...

Another interesting thing is that I've noticed myself using phrases that I picked up from DDR and applying them to Ouendan; for example, there are three different scores you can get per "hit" in Ouendan: 50, 100 and 300, based on how close you are to the beat. In DDR it's a similar scheme, and when you go for only the top scores on DDR it's known as PA (Perfect Attack, "perfect" being the best score). That's one of the phrases that I find myself thinking about when playing Ouendan and trying to get only 300-scores. Another one is SDG, which stands for "single digit great/good" (I think it depends on the version whether it's "good" or "great"), which is when the number of "great/good"-scores are below 10 (with the rest being "perfects").

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