Thursday, February 23, 2006

Citizen pacifist

So. Our cousin from England is visiting us, and my letter to the editor came up. She wanted to know what it was about and I explained as best I could about how it's now illegal to bypass copy-protetection. And then when I was finished, I don't remember her exact response, but it was along the lines of "better stop doing it, then". No, people! No! If you've copied your purchased DVDs for backup-purposes before, don't stop doing it just because they've outlawed it! I'm not saying that you shouldn't follow laws, but this is one that is completely paid for by the corporations. It does nothing for the citizen except making more of them "criminals".

Many times during history have laws been broken to further mans freedom. Remember the Boston tea-party? Freedom never comes for free.


Jonas said...

If freedom doesn’t come for free, how come it’s called FREEdom?
That’s along the lines of the other huge mystery in life; “if dolphins are so smart, how come they live in igloos?”
You need to remember that she is a cop now…and a religious one at that. They don’t take kindly to things like backing up files and stuff. Just look at where they stored the original bible; in some clay pots out in the desert. I mean come on, they could’ve at least used a floppy disc.

What’s that you say Finnish girl? They didn’t have computers back then? That’s okay, we do NOW so we would still be able to read the files when we found the discs…DUH!

NYD said...

Hell yeah! Once I buy a CD or DVD I feel that I've bought the rights to whatever I want with it as long as I'm not making a profit. I put in my computer and rip the fuckers and if my friends and family want a copy I make it for 'em.

The fathers of the American revolution had it easy. They only had to fight for freedom. We have to fight to keep it!