Thursday, February 16, 2006

Music production

In the shower just now (yes, I'm an evening-shower-person), and I started thinking about music again. Not an unusual occurance, but this time I started thinking about music production.

In case you didn't know, arranging/producing/mixing music is one of the most fickle tasks there are. Imagine the most involved strategy game ever made, with hundreds of variables that all affect the whole in the most subtle but important ways, and you still haven't enough complexity to reach what you can easily come up against in a relatively "simple" audio application like Garageband. I remember playing a lot of Civilization when I was a kid, but damn! Comparing Civ to Garageband is like comparing chocolate to cocain.

After starting fiddling around with Garageband, I've also started noticing more of the subtleties in music. I probably never reach the level where I can hear everything, but that isn't my goal either (thank god). What I'm aiming for is a tighter grip on the music. Not just for creative control, but so I won't be in the position where money is spent on hiring some outsider who I then have to rely on to make or break the piece.

Now when I listen to something that has been really tightly produced I just wonder in amazement how much work is put into it... Take Utada Hikaru's Deep River album, especially tracks like Sakura Drops, Traveling, Letters, Tokyo Nights and Hikari. Who's call was it to put in the strings or the oboe in (the currently playing) Tokyo Nights? (If you want to hear for yourself you can ask to borrow the album if you're one of the people who actually meets me in real life.) It boggles my mind. Boggles, I tell you.

This is funny. It's a short movie (approx. 15 min) discussing how Asian men have problems getting girls. Safe for work, but your boss would probably give you an angry glare if you were caught watching it while you're supposed to work.

Though it's wrong in the hypothesis that it's the hair that attracts chicks. I'm practically covered in hair myself, so I should know. Especially my eyebrows are extremely wild-growing. It almost looks like they're trying to make a run for the hair-line. I swear, soon enough my whole forehead will be covered in hair, it's freaky.

Addendum: I forgot to mention that this post was originally meant to be about my fear of hights, and that I consider myself more of a "producer"-type than a "musician"-type.

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Jonas said...

That Indian guy had the right idea. If you're too much of a p***y to hit on women you won't be gettin' any.

But I think they are neglecting the REAL reason that the dude couldn't get a chick. OBVIOUSLY it's because he was wearing white socks. That's a huge fashion no-no.