Saturday, March 25, 2006

1 year later

I was just thinking that there was something I was forgetting: today is exactly one year since I made my first post on Blogger. Man, time flies.

It's interesting to think back on how my purpose for this has changed since I started. Before signing up for Blogger, I had DMA post some writings that I considered to be relevant at the Antell Software homepage. My original intent was to have Blogger serve as an extension of that, hosting my articles on gaming etc. Slowly, or not so slowly, the et cetera-part came to push the gaming out of the main focus. In a way, the change was perhaps due to my Xbox becoming unplayable after the DVD-drive finally failing.

With the shift away from gaming, a change of view seemed to be in order. (And it's stayed basically the same since, besides the top image going through a couple of variations.)

As I started with the Japanese studies, the number of posts dealing with Japan seemed to rise in general. In fact, after a quick check, it seems as if before the change, 2 of 37 posts dealt with Japanese things, while after it was about 37 of 113 (the numbers could be a bit off since it's getting late).

Another person who has been blogging for about a year now is my classmate Aino, who I think also started around March last year, though a bit earlier than me.


Remember those Beatles sheet music books I borrowed? Neither did I. Almost a month and I still haven't looked in them. This weekend, really...

How about a chart showing the number of visits and page views over the past year?


Ainu said...

Do I get it right if I say that Japanese studies have made you and your blog more popular?

Jonas said...

Did you make that chart yourself or is it a function of thingy I don't really understand?

Knowing you it wouldn't really surprise me if you made a chart like that but since it looks like a chart made in Word i highly doubt it.

Jacke said...

No, I didn't make the chart myself, it's a feature of Sitemeter. And if I would make a chart I would use Excel :p

Ainu said...
"Do I get it right if I say that Japanese studies have made you and your blog more popular?"

Well, they got me at least one more regular reader ;)
Though it's probably since I update a bit more often those who visit also visit a bit more often. Sitemeter tracks only visits, not how many unique visitors you get.

Ainu said...

I visit many times every day. I've become a net addict.