Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dear Girl

It's an instrumental piano melody I made with in Garageband this evening. Care to listen?

I was actually planning on making/uploading some new piano-piece for Valentine's Day, so I'm just half a month late...

Some small stuff I'm unsatisfied with, all-in-all, not too shabby.

My brother also thought up a melody for a song he plans to call "Konnichiwa, Akira Kurosawa". He says it's going to be in Japanese. I'm actually toying with the idea of writing lyrics in Japanese for it. Yes, it would probably turn out really lame since I can't really write anything meaningful in Japanese yet, but just for a laugh, you know!


Ainu said...

Why don't I live in Helsinki!?!

There are two geisha-kimonos from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha in Tennispalatsi for all to see till 12.3.

Ainu said...

What are you up to? Well, you don't have blog just because of me..

I've been sending e-mail to people who offer summer jobs at
I hope I get a job!

Have you worked during the summers?

Jacke said...

I was actually going to post something last night after watching Outfoxed, but it was a bit late...

As I've said previously, I have no real job experience... :(
I know I should get a summer job, but I feel like I'm not qualified for anything. Though that could be because of my low self-esteem.

Ainu said...
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Ainu said...

"As I've said previously, I have no real job experience... :("

I'm sorry. Didn't remember.

You should try to get one! It looks like here in Vaasa there are more jobs than in Jyväskylä.

"Though that could be because of my low self-esteem."

How can your brother have such a high self-esteem and you don't?!??!?

Ainu said...

I'm again talking just for talk's sake.


^Looks good.

The fact that Vaasa is more open to summer job candidates really cheers me up.

"Kassatyöntekijä, 10 paikkaa, StaffPoint Oy, Vaasa.
Etsimme reippaita, iloisia ja yhteistyökykyisiä kassatyöntekijöitä päivittäistavaramyymälöihin Vaasan alueelle. Arvostamme aikaisempaa rahankäsittelykokemusta. Haemme työntekijöitä sekä keikkatyöhön että kesätyöhön. Työ on vuorotyötä sekä edellyttää suomen ja ruotsinkielen hallintaa. Ota yhteyttä jo nyt Vaasan Staffpointtiin 020 7206 560."

I sure you would qualify for that.
For handling money, you can always say that you worked with your classes fiances when you were in high school. Organized sales or something..

I'm trying that!!

Ainu said...

Blah, blah. Mi English ain't cool aftö Oscar-sessions.

Jacke said...

Don't think my Finnish is good enough for a sales-job... I can do simple things, but if I have to start explaining something to a customer I'd probably get lost quite quickly.

Jonas said...

“…Etsimmme… iloisia..”
Ugh, you have to be “happy” too. The finnish-part isn’t so bad but you have to have a positive attitude!? That probably means you can’t insult people.

“… aikaisempaa rahankäsittelykokemusta…”
Hey, you have handled money. I know ‘cause I saw you with some once. Speaking of which, you still owe me a fiver.

I also used to have low self-esteem but I worked on it. Later on I realised that people really don’t care or remember what you do anyway ‘cause they’re too busy worrying what other people think of them. So I just don’t give a flying f**k anymore.

Ainu said...

"Later on I realised that people really don’t care or remember what you do anyway ‘cause they’re too busy worrying what other people think of them."

That is so true!

Jacob-san, I have seen a few smiles on your face.

Ainu said...

And your Finnish is much better than my Swedish.

So I REALLY think that you could make it!

Ainu said...

And - you will learn while you work. I definitely put my hopes on that.

Jonas said...

I still say he should try to get a job at a newspaper or something like that. My brother is one helluva writer when he puts his mind to it.

Ainu said...

Yeah!! That would suit him very well..

I worked four years in a paper. It was a little local one.. I was the film and theatre critic. I was allowed to go to press shows. I did it as a hobby while I was in high school. The perks rocked! I skipped English classes to watch movies. Teacher didn't mind..

I could choose the seat I wanted in the theatre. Intimate movies with so little people watching. That was great - but studying Japanese in Vasa must be worth losing it..

Yes. There are lot of jobs to choose from. The one who wants the job the most - usually gets it. And Jacob-san's lack of "real" job experience is easily compensated by his ability to drive.