Sunday, March 19, 2006

Message from a Foreign Star

Message from a Foreign Star. A slow, instrumental, electronic piece made in Garageband. (When I made it I pictured myself a signal from a faraway place, travelling across the vast distances of space, finally reaching a reciever here on earth.)

Not anywhere close to Max Breaker's stuff, but what can you do.


Jonas said...

Obviously I haven’t listened to it but I like the approach you took when composing it. It’s an idea or a vision of something translated into music. Probably a better idea than just playing and see if it sounds cool :p Me thinks you’re progressing

Jacke said...

Actually, you have listened to it! It was the song I was playing around with last Sunday. If you remember a bit spacey, blip-bloppy song...

Though the approach wasn't that different from what I usually do; it all started with me playing around with instruments and melodies in GB, I came upon a sound that led my mind to the scene I described earlier, and then I built the rest around that.

To be honest, I don't see why playing around and seeing what's good would be "inferior". It's not like it's visionless just because you're not starting out with everything set in stone. To me, planning every song around a theme like "this song musically represents our walk through life, with the final movement modulating infinitely upwards to symbolize our ascent to heaven" just reeks of pretentiousness. As Mel said, if it sounds good, it is good.

Jonas said...

I think it is a better approach because it may force you to play new things.

If you just play around you will inevitably play scales, chords etc that you already are familiar with but if you want to create a certain mood and aren't sure *how* you may start listening to songs that create that mood. Then you analyze that and find that the song uses a Dorian scale or whatever. You discover something new and broaden your musical horizon.

BUT I get where you're coming from. Remember, this is me who's been playing guitar for five years saying this. When I first started out I was just like you; playing what sounds good. And at that stage it's a lot more fun than trying to figure out what a Dorian mode is. And that is what it's all about really.

I had a feeling it was that song though..I have heard bits and pieces of it then...The title is very David Bowie you know :p