Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My anal personality comes in handy

For once, my habit of meticulously archiving almost all software that I download has come in handy.

I was copying (or "time-shifting") The Beatles' Help! that I had borrowed from the library, and it had a huge scratch on it that prevented tracks 4 & 5 from being cleanly copied (they would be copied over with lots of strange noise in them). I knew that there was one application I had used back in the day that had been able to copy another disc that had a big scratch in it. So I got open my archive (I'm using DiskTracker, btw) and looked around, and found what I was searching for: Track Thief, and old pre-OS X app by Bo Lindbergh. Ah, nostalgia... back in the day, this little thing was one of my favourite applications. With this little thing you had the ability to set the speed that the drive used to copy to HD. Not necessary for brand new CDs, but a good tool to have for when the shit hit the fan.

So, loaded Track Thief into my old iMac running OS 9 and popped in the CD. A couple of minutes later, perfect copies of the tracks I was having problems with. Good thing I had TT archived too, since it seems to be lost from the face of the 'net.

While I'm reminiscing... I don't remember exactly when we got the iMac, perhaps in '98 or so. If there are any Mac-heads out there (serious Mac-nerd alert here), I can tell you it was a rev. B model, upgraded with a slightly better graphics-chip over the rev. A. It wasn't really that powerful, but it seemed to get by. I did a couple of upgrades, foolish as I was; got some more RAM, and even got a Voodoo2 3D-accelerator for it for gaming. It did make games a bit more playable, but in retrospect it wasn't such a good buy. And installing it was a nightmare for me who hadn't really done anything like that before.

The Voodoo2 board was also the primary reason why I haven't installed Linux on it; I was going to try Ubuntu with a Live CD, but I couldn't find any way of making it use the built-in graphics chip instead of the 3D-only Voodoo board.

Eventually the screen on it died, from a busted logic board. Which was when we got the current eMac, which has been an absolute dream (except that one time initially when it suffered from the same problem, luckily it was still under warranty). For me, it feels perfect; while I don't need state-of-the-art equipment, it's fast enough to dabble around with stuff like Garageband (and perhaps Reason) if you keep it light.

The old iMac still lives on, I got an external screen with old-style Apple connector (thanks DMA!) and I use it occasionally. For a while I used it to watch instructional videos for keyboard-playing, while using my brother's ancient Yamaha PSR-2. At this juncture, I think an image would be in order.The revived FrankenMac under the desk and on the note-stand Tetsuya Komuro's Piano Sounds sheet music that I have ambitions of learning from. (Note to self: should really work on reading notation.)


Jonas said...

Hmm..well, let’s see...I graduated from high school in ’99 and I don’t think we had it then..Maybe summer of 99? Shit I can’t remember..Wait a minute..I remember we had it *before* I started learning to play guitar and that was in 2001.

Anyway, do you have our sisters camera at home? How can you take pictures otherwise? I’m thinking I’d take some pics for my album cover..You know ’cause I’m going to send copies of my song to our relatives.

Jacke said...

No, this pic is from the last time she had it home. I figured I'd take some other pictures at the same time.

Ainu said...

Is that mess your room?

...not very girl friendly ;)

Jonas said...

What are you on about? That is not a mess!..I consider that quite tidy…If women want it so damned clean everywhere they can clean themselves…Of course they do and then bitch about their man not helping :p

Sho Fukamachi said...

My friend had almost the same setup, but this one was a Rev A, with a similar 3D add-on card which didn't help him at all as we kicked his ass at Quake 1 (favourite map: Airwalk)

At risk of outing myself as even more of a mac nerd, my first was a PPC 7200 running at 75Mhz in .. 1995? God, that was a long time ago.

Ainu said...

Jonas-san. Wouldn't want to see your apartment ;)

Jacke said...

Sho said...
"this one was a Rev A, with a similar 3D add-on card"

The exact same model, there was only ever one 3D-accelerator add-on for the first iMacs, the Gamewizard! A bitch to install.

Ai said...
"...not very girl friendly ;)"

Considering my current situation, that's probably a non-issue :p

Jonas said...

My apartment is very tidy actually. Every thursday I clean and take out the trash, scrub the toilet etc. You can’t have a very messy place if you’re going to invite someone home during the weekend ;) can...and I have...but odds are they aren’t going to want to come back again...then again ,sometimes you don’t want them too either :p

Ainu said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah ;)

Ainu said...


Do you remember when you gave me Rosetta stone program and a Japanese language CD to use with it?


I have lost the language CD.. If you would be kind enough to copy one for me again - I would, of course, compensate!

Ainu said...

Hmm.. I think I still keep on searching. Because I'm not the type that throws away CDs without checking what's in them first.

I just remembered that I haven't seen Densha Otoko CDs anywhere. And those I just couldn't have thrown away..

Jacke said...

"I have lost the language CD.. If you would be kind enough to copy one for me again"

No problem! I can bring it on wednesday ^_^b
(Unless I forget it, in which case remind me...)

でも、「ーさま」と呼ばないでください… ちょっとおかしいなんです。

Ainu said...

No problem ;)

I found them!

.. But it wasn't really I who found them. It was Eero.
We changed the place of one bookshelf few weeks ago. And I had put them into the same box with the empty CDs. So I just didn't get that they could be there because the box was for empty CDs.

Eero was more open minded in his search.

Going to play the game tomorrow!

Jacke said...

Don't forget to choose either the hiragana or kanji viewing options so you get reading exercise at the same time!