Friday, March 17, 2006

大成功! (Or "How chance rules my life")

Did you ever have one of those days where everything turns out just right, even though it looked to go all wrong? Today was one of those days for me.

We had a test today, modern Japanese history, that I thought started at 9 AM, but actually started at 1 PM. The source of this misunderstanding was that I heard Aino mention in Finnish when it started, but due to words in that context being a bit similar in Finnish ("yhdeltä" for "from 1" and "yhdeksältä" for "from 9"), I thought it was 9.

So I showed up at 9, very tired, and I bump into some of our sempai on their way to class. Waited nervously for our teacher to arrive to hear what's up, and I find out that the test is at 1 PM. Relief. I sit down for a couple of hours to study, which was pretty good, because I had problems concentrating last night and I had studied far too little. If I pass this test I can say that it was probably due to those four extra hours of study-time.

In any case, I catch a glimpse of our sempai again on their break, and, collecting my balls, I chase them down and ask to have a word with the one going of to Japan (あのかわいい女の子); the reason being that there are some pretty rare CDs that I'm interested in, and if she would happen upon a BookOff-store or a similar used CD-store, could she see if she finds them and toss me an e-mail if she does, so I might be able to make arrangements for getting them home. The CDs, if you want to know, are Tetsuya Komuro's Seven Days War and Hatachi no yakusoku, kanji: 二十歳の約束. (Furthermore, if you know me you probably know that this is something that I wouldn't have dared to do, for example, at 18. Most of my earlier activity with interesting parties of the opposite sex has consisted of wishful thinking.)

And all this accomplished due to a mishearing.

It occurred to me now that I haven't mentioned the Japanese food night yesterday yet. For the most part it was a success, but the rice (which was the responsibility of the group I was in) was a bit so-so. Thank god I wasn't put in charge with making any of the real food. The little soup-thing served first was superb. I mean, the moment I smelt it my worries about it vanished. The fried fish (not raw, mind you) was very well made, I'm don't really like fish, but this went down without much resistance. After that was some meat-vegetable mix-thing, also quite nice, but by that time I was already full, so I couldn't finish it all. (I really wish I had written the names and recipes for these down, especially the initial soup-thing; that was, in one word, 美味しい! That means it was delicious.)


Jonas said...

"...("yhdeltä" for "from 1" and "yhdeksältä" for "from 9")..."

An interesting note; notice how the Finnish language says "from 1..." when you say "at one" in English. Something starts "from one and takes place onwards from that time".

Ainu said...

You see things that Finnish speaking folk don't know to look at.

Jacke-san. Don't worry! Aino will give you the soup recipe!

Jacke said...

Maybe I can try my hand at the soup myself then... :D