Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Setup

Here's the setup that I "work" on. I use the term very loosely here because I'm not sure it classifies as work. Perhaps better would be to say "here's the setup I use".
The eMac running Garageband, the M-Audio Keystation 49e on the right, on the left is a Zip-drive and even further left, out of picture, is the DSL-modem and printer. When I play I usually move the Keystation so it's above the computer keyboard; it's just long enough to rest on the two raised desk-edges on the sides. The wires front right of the computer is a couple of headphones and an audio cable that we're using to hook up my brother's electric guitar when he's recording.

It looks neater than it usually does since I removed all the trash for the picture.

You may also notice an updated profile image. It's actually a picture of me this time, but as a sketch my brother did years ago. The paper was old and yellowed, and it's been scribbled on quite a lot; I took it into Photoshop and removed some of it, but I didn't want to ruin the sketch.

Besides, the wear does bring a bit of character to it.


Ainu said...

Yeah! It looks neater!

I'm very much into aesthethics like those Heian period courtwomen.

So. Nice new picture. But I'm sure I draw better. Hahahah..

I woke up with an arrogantly high selfesteem.

Jonas said...

Man, it was years ago I drew that..If you examine it you will notice that there is a badminton score there somewhere. The game is still technically in progress if I remember correctly.

That gives a clue as to *how* old it is. My estimate is 8 or 9 years.